Roo yori in Media


Paw it Forward: Ep 1 (Pilot)

September, 2018

Roo surprises local organization Camp Companion on behalf of Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation with the help of his friends at Petco Foundation, PetKind, Dogswell, Cloud Star, and Papa Murphys! But we had a little fun with them first. Check it out!


Roo Yori, The K9 Ninja - Podcast with Wolfpack Ninjas

July, 2018

Roo Yori shares with us the story behind his passion for dogs and how he is devoting his life to help less fortunate animals. Feel inspired as we discover how Yori and his K9 companion became national and world champion frisbee players. Laugh, learn, and cry while we get to know about some of the most inspirational dogs out there that have inspired and moved Yori to start a foundation to support other K9s long after their death. 


A Conversation with: Roo Yori, American Ninja Warrior, Advocate for Dog Adoption

October, 2017

Roo speaks to a local conversationalist, about his analysis of fear, discussion of training for intense obstacle course competitions, and how society's treatment of Pit Bulls mirrors how humans treat each other.


Roo’s 2018 submission video for NBC’s American Ninja Warrior

January, 2018

Roo’s submission video for American Ninja Warrior season 10!


Roo’s 2017 submission video for NBC's American Ninja Warrior

January, 2017

Check out Roo’s submission for ANW season 9.


State Farm cares about canine companion

November, 2016

The noble journey of two pit bulls and a K9 Ninja.

It is a story that starts out like so many others. A stray dog ends up in an animal shelter. Unfortunately, because of its high energy level and breed (pit bulls or pit bull type dogs) the dog never makes it into a forever home. Far too many end up euthanized….


Interview with Quick Country 96.5

July, 2016

American Ninja Warrior contestant Andrew Yori, the K9 Ninja, stopped by the Quick Country studio to talk about his experiences on one of the country's hottest summer TV shows, as well as what got him into it in the first place. Here's what he had to say...


2012 IDC National Championships - Roo Yori & Wallace

August, 2013

In August of 2012, Wallace the Pit Bull received a devastating diagnosis - hermangiosarcoma, with a maximum of 3 months to live if he received no chemo. On the Bucket List? Come back to the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge in October, to finish a journey started five years earlier.


Wallace Wins 2012 Pit Bulletin Legal News "Wallace" Award

August, 2013

This video goes back in time and follows Wallace's Frisbee championships (which you may never have seen) through the book by Jim Gorant, to the award ceremony itself.




A day with "American Ninja Warrior" Roo Yori

September, 2016

He's dog's best friend...and an obstacle course's worst nightmare. He's Roo Yori, and he's Rochester's resident ninja warrior.


Where are they now? Andrew Yori

February, 2016

Former Saint Mary’s men’s soccer player Andrew “Roo” Yori graduated with a degree in biology in 1999. He was selected as the Outstanding Male Senior during his time at Saint Mary’s. Yori has worked with homeless dogs for more than a decade, even going as far as to create his own foundation, Wallace the Pit Bull Foundation, where he is the founder and CEO. 


Pit Smitten: Andrew Yori's Dog Wallace Defies Pit Bull Stereotype

November/December 2012

Saved from euthanasia, Wallace becomes a Frisbee champion